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Fri-YAY! Fri-YAY!

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We are in the process of revamping Bubba's room.  Currently he has twin beds in his room which have been passed down through three generations now. We have decided to turn our large bonus room upstairs into a guest room/playroom.  The twin beds will be going up there and Bubba will be getting a full size bed for his room.  Hubs is currently refinishing a solid wood headboard and footboard we have had in the family for many years.  I am excited to start working on Bubba's new room!!

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I saw this article the other day and it really struck a chord with me.  The last few years I have been a terrible friend.  Hubs and I were the first among my friends to start having children, by about 4+ years.  While my friends have always been so understanding and willing to work around our schedule, being at different stages in life than your friends can create an unintentional distance at times. In my case, I was not ready to leave Bubba overnight until he was 3 years old, which I know my friends did not always understand...I would not have either if the roles were reversed. Now many of my friends are having children, so we are back on similar pages and having similar life experiences again. I look forward to bonding with friends again as the stretched too thin parents that we all are!

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Another season of baseball has begun! They are still in practice mode, but so far Bubba has played pitcher position and first base.  First base is where he has played his best so far. I am excited for him to play such an active part in the games this season as last season he was in the outfield.  He was a 4 year old playing on a 5-6 year old league, so it was a struggle for him to not feel like one of the best on the team.  This season he has a real swagger about him and he deserves it...I hope this shows him that sometimes you have to stumble a bit when you are learning something new.  

so funny. I dont usually hear xanders name brought up. but i made this face this…:
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I love being a baseball Mom!:
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I purchased a matching crib sheet, changing pad cover and Boppy cover from Etsy last week and I am already in pain waiting to receive the items!  I am obsessed with Rifle Paper Company and this print is from that company...I am SO excited!  Vivian's nursery is not going to have a strict color theme by any means, so she will have other colored sheets, but I could not pass up pretty fabric with my favorite illustrator's work on it!!

Check out Lullabies & Lollipops on Etsy

Here is another fabric that I am obsessed with and hope to get for Viv's room...

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I get to see sweet Vivian via sonogram next week!  I almost scheduled another ultrasound at a local ultrasound boutique a few weeks ago simply because well I wanna see her anytime I want...duh!  I restrained myself because of research I have read regarding the possible effects on the baby that may be caused by getting too many ultrasounds.  I like to play it safe when growing a tiny human, but damn is it hard.  The wait will make seeing her on the screen that much sweeter!

Lastly...Happy PSL Season!

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