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Basically...It's Friday!

Gal Meets Glam Aerie Cozy Holiday PJs and Blanket Scarf:
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What a whirlwind of a week.  We packed a lot into this short week and I am sure glad to have another week in the books.  Looking forward to recuperating this week and hopefully getting things around the house situated for Vivian's arrival next month!

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I had the opportunity to see sweet Viv via ultrasound on Tuesday.  I am supposed to be around 33 weeks currently, but Viv is measuring around 35 weeks.  EEK! The ultrasound tech and the doctor said that she is healthy and measuring around 5lbs 14oz!  They actually admitted that it is possible that the measurements were wrong on her previous ultrasound...I never thought I would hear a doctor's office admit they might not have done something perfectly! Either way, she is perfect and that is all that matters!

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I have had two instances this week where I have been meeting with my students when Vivian starts moving around quite dramatically making my whole belly move around.  In each instance, all they could do was stare slightly bewildered...literally dazed and confused as if they want to ask "Are you OK?"  Bless their late-teenage hearts... 

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To add to my basic white girl status...I stopped by Bath & Body Works earlier this week to use up three coupons I received in the mail...naturally, being #basicwhitegirl, this is what was chosen....

I am not ashamed...not one bit!

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So the heartburn that I mentioned in my earlier post has decided to make itself a reoccurring night..roughly 1AM.  I will wake up to a very acidic bubble coming up my throat and at times it makes my eyes water.  I was up for an hour thanks to this hot mess.  We eat very little processed foods and we only eat out on the weekends for the most part.  I feel confident it is not due to greasy or spicy food intake, but it is frustrating not know exact triggers...other than this huge baby in my belly pushing on everything.

I have not taken a single medication since before we started trying to get pregnant in January, not even an allergy pill. It had almost become a competition with myself to make it through pregnancy without putting a single medication in my body (outside of prenatal vitamins of course)...well I caved last night and took two Tums and was able to lay back down and go to sleep for the rest of the night! So now I'm just going to keep tums at my bedside and admit defeat.

With all of this heartburn, my ultrasound tech better be right when she says Vivian already has a head of hair...It better be some of the prettiest hair on God's green earth if my esophagus has to battle wildfires.

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One of Bubba's favorite athletes is Cam Newton.  War Eagle! Bubba has increasingly, with each season that passes, shown more and more interest in competitive sports.  His two favorite sports are probably football and baseball.  I have always been inspired by Cam Newton as he is always unapologetically himself.  He is classy, values education and believes in giving back to those less fortunate than himself.  That is a person I can get behind.  He is such a role model for kids wanting to play sports.  I cannot wait to show Bubba this inspiring video of one of his heroes.

I hope everyone has a glorious weekend with their families!  I will just be basic white girling it with my PSLs, B&BW fall lotions at the ball fields and watching SEC football all weekend with the fam.  So glad they love me for all of my basicness!

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  1. Hello pretty lady and congrats on the baby. I am Ada. Glad I found your blog. My daughter's name is Vivian and we call her Viv. Hope the pregnancy continues to be smooth for you. Love that big and cozy blanket scarf.

    Come join my recent Thursday Moda linkup and share your gorgeous style with my readers, pretty lady! Thanks.

    Have a great weekend! Ada. =)