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life changes in a mere week!

Life has been a whirlwind this summer.  Bubba has been in summer camp all summer, I have been super busy at work, preparing incoming freshman for their first semester of college, and Bubba turned 5 at the end of summer which I was not prepared for.  The week after he turned 5 we attended an open house at Bubba's new school and later that night I bawled because I was so overwhelmed at the size of everything...For the first time in years he looked so small...

The Dude started an Elementary School...not in a daycare/ actual school. 


The first day was extremely hard for all three of us...Turns out Bubba was more overwhelmed than he let on initially...

It is always so hard on Hubs and me to see our son crying in fear.  Hubs did a great job of concealing emotions, although he teared up pretty bad.  Finally we just had to leave Bubba crying in his new room, knowing he would be fine within 5 minutes of us leaving.  I made it out the classroom door and bawled again.  I do not recommend being pregnant when your child hits such a major milestone.

 He has LOVED school ever since.  Bubba is like me in that he hates change initially and can get pretty worked up over it...but once the band-aid is ripped off were fine.

With Bubba and most of my emotions situated, I have been easing in to our new routine.  There are many lifestyle changes that come with this milestone...

Bathrooms: In his school there are boys and girls bathrooms with multiple stalls, unlike his Pre-K that had one stall for boys and one for girls.  So now, when I am in the school with him and he needs to go, I have to wait out in the hall for him to go to the restroom.  I wigged out a little the first time I had to do this. 

Car Rider Drop Off: I no longer walk him to his room and make sure he is situated. Now he gets out of the car and walks himself in to school.  The first couple of days it was hard to see him walk away from the car all by himself and disappear behind the doors of the school...without me.  It is still not easy, but he seems confident so that makes me feel better about it.

Packing Lunches: It was hard the first couple of days to gauge how much was enough to pack in his lunch and what will hold up well in the event he decides to use his lunch box as a ball to toss or a make-believe shield. So far we have done PB + J and Pizza Roll-Ups along with fruits, carrots, cheese and white cheddar pop-corn or cheerios.  Not all in one day, mind you!  Trying to keep lunches fresh and interesting is also hard sometimes.

PTO & Sports: I always said I would be a "soccer mom" and be on the I actually am both of those things.  Bubba has been on a sports team since he was barely 3, so that is nothing new for our family.  It is exhausting, especially getting Bubba to all of his games, but I am looking forward to another season of baseball and helping out on the PTO as much as I can before baby girl gets here in October.

My life has changed more in the last week than it has since Bubba was born.  I was not at all prepared for just how enormous of a milestone starting Kindergarten would be, but I sure am glad the band-aid has been ripped off and we now comfortable with our new routines.

Here's another thing that has been developing over the last couple of weeks...

Petit Bebe is running out of room and we began the third trimester over a week ago...How is this happening?!?

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