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Bump Date

How far along: 25 weeks!

Baby Size: About the size of a cauliflower and weighs over 1.5 lbs

Maternity clothes: Half and half. Maternity bottoms, but many of my stretchy shirts and maxi dresses still fit well
Stretch marks: None yet, just the faint ones that were already there from having Bubba
Sleep: Awesome! I never had an issue sleeping with Bubba either, just the occasional trip to the restroom
Gender: Vivian!

Movement: She is extremely active when awake and seems to become more active when I am still versus when I am walking/cooking/etc.

Best moment this week: Bubba has started kissing my belly goodbye when I drop him off at Summer Camp each day. It melts my heart. Vivian is so loved already.

Looking forward to: working on the nursery. Vivian is your typical second baby in that we have not really been in a hurry to get everything done.

Food cravings: BEANS. Black Bean Soup, Pinto Beans and Greens, Chili.   Every now and then I crave chicken salad sandwiches...but if I am being honest I always crave those
  Anything making you queasy or sick: Nope. In my first and early second trimester I could not stand the smell of fish, it doesn't bother me so much now.
Labor Signs: Nope. Sweet Vivian is just continuing to bake away!
What I miss: White wine spritzers. I love them in the summer. Luckily, once baby girl is born it will be colder weather which means I will be able to indulge in a good glass of bourbon here and there.
Symptoms: No major symptoms outside of severe fatigue during the super hot southern summer days.  Ankles swell when the heat is really bad, but on mild summer days they swell very little.
Nursery: Bare. Crib and lamp are in there. We have changing table and glider, just got to get them in there. Hubs is going to give the room a fresh coat of paint before moving anything else in there.
Belly Button in or out? In

Wedding rings on or off? On

Mood: Calm, but anxious. So ready to get stuff ready for baby girl, but haven't had the time and energy.  We are really trying to savor our last few weeks of summer with Bubba.  We are trying to go swimming and fishing as much as we can with him and just really letting him do the summer thing.  His birthday is in a few weeks, then right after that he will be starting Kindergarten at a new school and will start fall sports...We have a lot of transitions to get through before Vivian is here and it is important to me that we focus on Bubba first and foremost for now. 

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