Week 19 Bebe Stats - West & Rose Farm

Week 19 Bebe Stats

Week 18 was uneventful, pregnancy wise.  Just how I like it.  Week 18 was also full of car troubles for multiple cars, but small potatoes can't weigh us down.  Hubs has managed to fix a majority of our car troubles. Sure, it may only be temporary...but everything is, isn't it?

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  1. Ahhhh I had no idea you were expecting too! We're only about 2-3 weeks apart! So glad to hear you've had such an easy pregnancy so far and lol at popping buttons at people! I need to pick up some maternity pieces too, but like you have been living in dresses and maxis. So comfy! Can't wait to hear more updates <3
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  2. We must be due the same week! My EDD is November 2nd or 3rd :) Happy things are going along smoothly!