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Friday Bebe

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I announced last week that I was pregnant with our second child, a baby girl!  Hubs and I had such fun keeping the news in our immediate circle and surprising everyone that not only was I close to 18 weeks pregnant at the time, but were having a girl too!  We told a few people, but not many.  I did not even tell my parents until I was entering my second trimester..That's how quiet we were in the beginning! We really loved the enthusiastic responses and looks on people's faces when we surprised them with the news.

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So the question we are getting asked now is if we have a named picked out for baby girl.  The answer is no.  I have two names that I love and can't really see past and he has two names that he really likes.  We do not like the names the other suggests...This is what happens when not only opposites attract, but also get married and make babies!

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Hubs surprised me with tickets to see Dave Matthews Band in Atlanta last weekend and it was AMAZING!!  It was truly the best concert I have ever been to. We were on the lawn, which was perfect for the pregnant girl who gets tired of standing in place easy. Hubs and I had such an amazing time together.  They performed one of my all time favorites "You and Me" and it was incredible live. It gives me chills thinking about it.  My favorite line always rocks me "And when the kids are old enough, were gonna teach them to fly!"  Bubba knew we were going to the concert and was bummed he couldn't go, but asked that I get a video of "You and Me" so I did!  Love our music-loving family.

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Hubs planted flowers back in early April and I am so enjoying the blooms from his labor.  Hydrangeas, Knock-Out Roses and Sunflowers are always amazing!  He worked with his Mama over on her land where they planted rows of watermelons, peppers, corn, tomatoes and various squashes.  I am looking forward to enjoying all the fruits of his labor. 

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Summer is finally here!  From Memorial Day to Labor Day you will find us down by the pool or fishing at the pond at my Mother-in-Laws during any free time we have.  We are truly lucky to have such a great space to spend time with family and friends all summer enjoying the southern sunshine! Now if Zika mosquitoes can just stay away from that area we will be good to go!!!

 I hope y'all have an amazing weekend!

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  1. Congrats on your little girl!!!! I am due with my second this August!

    Stopping over from the link up. Hope you can hop by my blog too!