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Bubba's Playlist

Bubba is quite a fun kid to have around.  One of the many reasons for this is his pretty stellar, and eclectic, taste in music.  He truly appreciates music from almost every genre.  We never really got into children's music and he never really wanted to, with the exception of the Ghostbusters theme song and the Ninja Rap on the original Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles movie.  I thought I would share songs that get played in our car on the way to school and ball games every week...

1. Long Cool Woman by The Hollies

Bubba has been requesting this song since he was probably two years old.  Now he requests for me to "turn up the bass so he can feel it"  He rocks out to this song and sings every word

2. Huntin', Fishin' & Lovin' Everyday by Luke Bryan

This is a newer one that has made the list in the last month.  We listen to this at least three times a day.  Bubba has always loved Luke Bryan since he first heard "We Rode in Trucks"  I think the main reason he loves this song is that he is dead set on going hunting with his Daddy this fall and he loves to fish.  He is a little country boy at heart and loves to be outside in the country exploring.

3. Get Back by The Beatles

This has been an inside joke for my family.  We will just randomly start asking each other "Who's Jo-Jo?  Bubba thinks it is hilarious.  We started doing that after listening to this song when Bubba was 2 or 3.  It is now a regular in our house.

4. Adventure of a Lifetime by Coldplay

Bubba discovered Coldplay this winter.  Since we don't have cable, one of the things we enjoy watching is music videos on YouTube.  It can be a challenge to find music videos that are appropriate.  Enter Coldplay.  Not only are they extremely talented musicians, but there is no filth in their videos making for easy family watching.

5. She'll Leave You With a Smile by George Strait

Bubba has always been mesmerized by George Strait and has always wanted to be him.  When he has on jeans, boots and a nice button down shirt he always says he looks like George Strait.  Hey, there are far worse role models out there.  George is about as classy as they come.  This is just one of the few songs of his that Bubba loves.

6. Humble and Kind by Tim McGraw

This is a song, and music video, that I made sure to expose Bubba to, and one that he has clung to ever since.  The song has had a profound effect on me.  The video is amazingly beautiful.  When Bubba asks for the song he says "I want the Tim McGraw song with all the different kinds of people."  Hubs and I try very hard to raise him to be humble and kind...towards ALL people, no matter their differences.  We are all brothers and sisters after all.  This song is an easy way to put lessons we want him to learn into words. I love listening to Bubba's quiet voice sing along.

Some other honorable mentions:

Fortunate Son by Creedence Clearwater Revival
Drag Me Down: One Direction
Live and Die by The Avett Brothers
Uptown Funk by Bruno Mars
The Cave and ANY song by Mumford & Sons
Jackson by Johnny & June Carter Cash


I have to say I don't hate his music taste.  If there is one thing we all have in common as a family it is our love and our basic need to have music in our life.  What do your kids listen to?

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