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The Friday Five

1. Over the last few weeks I have been whittling down my friends list on Facebook to almost half of what it was before.  I had about 1000 friends on my personal FB page.  Crazy, right!? I still had people on there that I had met one time at a college party my sophomore year at Auburn.  While I am sure they were and are perfectly nice people, I didn't really want to share my life with them.  No offense.  Facebook has a bad habit of making people think they are friends with a thousand people when in reality they are just stalking a thousand people...just sayin...

2. As a child, I loved going to see the Ringling Bros circus.  I actually hated and feared parts of it like the cannons because of how loud and jarring they are...but I fell in love with the huge and majestic elephants.  It wasn't until later in life I learned about the long history of their mistreatment in circus shows.  So I had told myself I would not support Ringling Bros Circus, or any circus, If I could help it. Not until they removed elephants from their act...well that day has come as they have decided to retire them a year and a half early!!  Looking forward to supporting Ringling Bros in the future.

3. I made four new recipes this week, all of which were outstanding and will be on our family's regular meal rotations:

I made Slow Cooker Sloppy Joes using deer meat and they were outstanding.  So good I forgot to take a picture of them.  Bubba ate three sliders in one sitting they were so good.  

Greek Lemon Chicken Soup

Chicken Fried Rice

I took a tip from Jenn over at Little Baby Garvin who cooks a bunch of chicken breasts in the crock-pot on Sunday then shreds and freezes them in meal portions so she can get one out as she needs it for each meal.  This worked like a boss for us!  I put 6 large chicken breasts in a slow cooker with a box of chicken broth and a bunch of garlic powder and cooked on high for 3 hours.  I then shredded the chicken and put them in ziploc bags to freeze.  I had enough for meals all week.  I saved the stock I cooked them in and reused it in our Greek Lemon Chicken Soup and it was perfect.

4. Last Friday the wonderful Hubs delivered flowers to me, at work, for an early Valentine's gift.  Not only did he bring me flowers, but he arranged the flowers himself!  Hubs is truly one of the greatest men on earth.

5. Today I am going to see the bestie in Auburn! I will get to love on her sweet son who is about 9 months old.  I am looking forward to seeing their new home as well as getting to traipse around Auburn again.  Planned stops: Chicken Salad Chick!  Meanwhile Bubba and the Hubs are going camping with their besties.

Happy Friday, y'all!  We are so close to being done with February!  Ready to be back in the spring and summer months!  I leave you with a picture of our handsome Bubba.

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