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Living Area Style

Since moving into our new home, I have had a hard time to committing to decor.  We did not own our previous home so there was only so much we could do to the house without sinking our money into it.  We just made do with the existing look of the house.  Now we have a clean, fresh slate and we own our home.

So what is my style?  Well, after thinking about it for a while I was surprised to see how masculine many of my favorite styles are considering my love of make-up, beauty products and a good pedicure.  I do not like glittery, pink, glam or brand new looking items.  I have found that while our home was built in the last ten years, my style is rooted in more vintage and aged looks.  I have found that I gravitate to light and warm colors such as browns and creams and I have a deep appreciation for reclaimed wood.

I love painted and distressed furniture along with, galvanized metal accents, mason jars and farm animals.

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Growing up in Kentucky means I grew up around this style.  It is simply classic.  From plaid to polished silver to worn leather and lawn jockeys.  Reminds me of my classy, bluegrass home.

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Hubs and I both love the combination of wood and metal as well utilitarian pieces of furniture.

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Our couches, while fabric, have a worn leather look to them and are accented with nail head trim.  l.  Our floors are have an aged farmhouse look to them that I absolutely love.  Getting the floors redone before we moved in was the smartest thing we have done.  It really sets the tone for the house. No we just need to focus on decorating and making it more homey.

We have extremely large wall spaces to fill...Here are some pictures I took during the move in, and shortly after, I'll be honest...we still have nothing on the walls...

I would love to hear some ideas as to how in the world we can fill up some of our ginormous wall spaces while keeping a classy look with some of my go to styles.  I can talk about what my style is all day long...but actually executing the style in my home has been a bit challenging.

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  1. Pictures! I know you love pictures also! You can find some really neat kits that lay out a certain way and they give you the guide to lay them out in the pattern that they have so all that you have to do is add pictures! Here is one that I have been looking at.

    Happy Decorating! You can do it!

  2. I LOVE your floors!! OMG my dream floors!! Personally, I'm a farmhouse style kinda gal so I just literally Pinterest farmhouse style walls and copy almost exactly what they do! But I think one way you can't go wrong is to have a clock on the wall!

  3. Since your style is vintage, maybe try some vintage plates in an arrangement on a wall. I have also seen old windows repurposed for wall decor, which looks really cool. Another idea, which is more family related, is to do a family tree on the wall. The idea is to paint a trunk and some branches and then hang photos (I'd do black and white for a better effect) in vintage frames. Pinterest has a lot of great ideas for this. I've also even seen old worn shutters used on walls before and it's amazing. I love to watch "Fixer Upper" with Chip and Joanna Gaines and I think her style is what your style is. She has tons of beautiful ideas-I can't wait to see what you come up with!

  4. I agree a lot with April.
    I'm a huge fan of a statement wall, and I love for things to be kind of mix-matched. So I would do family photos, wall art (quotes, paintings, etc), mixed with more 3-D type stuff- a faux (or real) taxidermy head, a mirror, the repurposed windows that April was talking about. With frames, I would try to keep them all similar color, but the shapes/sizes/styles could vary.