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Hi Friends!

Yes, I am a slacker blogger.  Honestly I have just been busy and needed my downtime when I had it.  I have missed blogging and the outlet it gives me.  I hope to work on my consistency, but I am not promising a thing.

The last couple of months have look a little like this...

Working in higher education has its perks...Like two weeks off to spend with my Bubba and the Hubs.  The beginning of our break was filled with Bubba's first movie experience, play dates with his buddies and good fires.

Christmas cards were sent and presents were given (a new tree skirt was purchased) and just like that my favorite time of year was over.  Bubba received entirely too many presents and we all ate entirely too much!

New years came and went with our bellies full of black eyed peas, collards and cornbread.  Then we started trekking and playing through the first part of 2016 with full hearts and sound minds.

We also tried some new recipes...

Hubs and I got to see one of our favorite musicians, Chris Stapleton at the Tabernacle in Atlanta...He was really great live...but I sure do wish there were accommodations made for short people.  Or at the very least, can I drop kick the 35 year old frat boy that thought it was appropriate to stand right in front of my 5'4" self!? And to the big guy swaying back and forth to my left...thank you for spilling beer down my face.  That was pleasant.  It's a good thing I love Chris Stapleton because I would deal with all of those hot messes again just to listen to him live again!

Hubs and I celebrated 5 years of marriage this past weekend. Bubba stayed with his Nana for the night while Hubs and I had a date night in.  I got gussied up for the Hubs...

And we showed each other the cards we got for one another, but never had the chance to sign (romantical, I know) and then spent our date night at home doing one of our very favorite things together...COOKING.  We decided to try something more challenging than usual for us and it turned out to be one of the best things we have ever made.  Beef Wellington.

Ladies, always check to see if your wedding weekend is on a football weekend...because that means it will be on a football weekend the rest of your life...Luckily for me, I love football. We topped off our weekend with the Superbowl.  I was sad to see Cam Newton lose, as he is my favorite quarterback of all time (fellow Auburn alum!), but I was very happy to see Peyton win one more super bowl before his possible retirement.  I have followed him since his days at UT.  The Broncos played a good game and outplayed the Panthers.  It happens.  Cam will have plenty of chances to get back to the Super Bowl.

Also...that half time show though!

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