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I don't know that I have ever participated in Jessica's weekly confessions link-up.  It seemed fun, so here goes...

I confess that I still use a monitor for my 4 year old son...To be fair, I am severely hearing impaired, which leaves me in constant fear that I will not hear him when he needs me at night.  I know I need to start retiring the thing, but it has provided such comfort over these last four and a half years!

I confess that I truly believe the sole purpose of a mantle is to hang a pretty banner...

I confess that Bubba loves Luke Bryan's song, "I See You"...and knows all the words...It's a little strange to hear him sing "Roll in the bar, me and my crew." At 4 years old, hopefully those words don't really come out of his mouth until he is 21!

I confess that I desperately wish I could watch The Bachelor...We cancelled cable a year ago and it has been the best decision ever...but I miss the days of watching the Bachelor when it actually airs instead of hearing about it through social media...

I confess that I judge people in the next stall, while in the ladies room, by their shoes or their feet (if wearing sandals)...I always try to guess what they might look like...many, many times...I am dead wrong.

Lastly, I confess that I tell my son YouTube is broken or won't work when I don't want to watch what he wants to watch on there...We love YouTube, we watch tons of music videos and Jimmy Fallon (two of Bubba's favorite things) but Bubba also loves to watch people play with toys...Im not jokingHobbykidsTV will be the death of me!!!

Happy Pre-Friday, Y'all!

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  1. Your mantle always looks so pretty! I hope you take advantage of the Bullseye Playground at Target for all those cute banners! They always have them for $1-$3. A fireplace/mantle is one of my major deciding factors for our next home. Andre and I have never had one (in our homes together, we did are our parents').
    Also, I also judge in the bathroom. It happens. Lol.
    Lastly, I don't know if you just don't want cable or no tv really, but Hulu airs shows the day after they air on tv. The Bachelor is one of the shows on there. We don't have cable either - just Hulu and Netflix, and we pay less than $20 a month combined for both. So, just a suggestion there. :)

  2. Your banners are so cute, I need someone! And well, I need a mantle haha.

  3. The bathroom one is so funny. I never even thought about that, but now I will. Haha. I love the Bachelor. It is my guilty pleasure. I want to get rid of cable, but I can't NOT watch it. I am so glad I found your blog through the link up.

  4. Your mantle is super cute and perfect!