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Thanksgiving Come Back!

My heart is feeling really full these days.  Spending time with family and friends for Thanksgiving has a way of doing that to me.  

I was off Wednesday-Monday morning and it was glorious.  The only downside was coming down with a nasty cold Tuesday night.  It knocked me off my feet pretty bad until Saturday.  I made it to Thanksgiving at my Mother-in-Laws and managed to cook a bunch of food beforehand, but that made for a rough Friday of being sick and feverish.  It was worth it.  We had the best time.  We ate, drank, played outside and just gave thanks for the amazing lives we have. 

I made Chestnut & Apricot Stuffing, Cranberry Sauce, Green Bean Casserole and my Bourbon Vanilla Pumpkin Tart.  I had so much fun making all of these yummy foods.  My Mother-in-Law made the Turkey, Gravy, Sweet Potato Souffle and Pecan Pie.  We had way too much food and were so thankful to have more than enough to feed our families at all times. 

Hubs and Bubba got our Christmas lights on our house Friday evening and I managed to order our holiday cards.  That is about all I could muster up the energy for.

Saturday one of my oldest and dearest friends, Suzy, came to stay with us for a couple of nights with her husband and their adorable 6-month old son.  Having a sweet baby in our house again really warmed our hearts.  Bubba loved tending to the baby and was super considerate all weekend.  Something I was not expecting.  He had a little jealousy after the first day, but he handled it well.  Hubs and I felt more than confident about having another child in the future.  Bubba will be a great big brother, one day.

We watched the Iron Bowl where Auburn played their hearts out and held their own for most of the game.  We didn't win, but it was a good game.  Hubs made his deer chili and we relaxed by the fire pit after the kiddos were asleep.

Sunday we went for a walk, had a great lunch out and headed back out to my mother-in-laws for Suzy's son's first ride on the rhino.  He was asleep within 10 minutes!  I was so nervous about driving with a baby on board, so I bet I didn't make it above 5 miles an hour!!!

We snuggled in for the night Sunday and then early Monday morning Suzy and her sweet family were on their way to Maine, where her husband is from, to visit for the holidays.  Luckily, They just bought a house about 1.5 hours from us so they will be back down south real soon!!  We are so excited to have them close again.

By Monday, Bubba was ready to be back in school with his buddies and I was ready to be back at work.  The Christmas season is here and I am trying to soak up every bit of it!  I hope everyone had a wonderful Thanksgiving!

Happy Hump Day!!

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