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A Wish List

Wish List

So Bubba is about the only one who gets Christmas presents in our house.  Hubs and I don't do presents at Christmas, other than some stocking stuffers.  We are treating ourselves to a Chris Stapleton concert in Atlanta early in the new year, so that will be our Christmas present.  While we don't really do presents at Christmas, I still always have a running wish list of things I want.  Having recently bought our house, we are still in the process of making our house or home.  Naturally, many things on my list are home items such as furniture and decor.  

Our style, leans towards farmhouse with a mix of industrial.  I really love the combination of the two.  We like classic looks and both of these styles, in my opinion, are very classic.  We try not to get too far in to trends (So glad I never really bit the Chevron bullet) and really appreciate a neutral palette, which allows us to decorate with accent pieces when we need a refresh button.

Besides a couple of clothing and accessory pieces, the rest of my items are electronics.  I am dying for a new camera, GoPro and iPad.  Our current camera is my Daddy's old DSLR (probably one of the first of its kind way back when they first came out).  It is a great camera with some really awesome lenses, but I cannot get the lenses to work right.  It is time for a new camera.  We would love a GoPro for all of the sports that Bubba plays.  Right now we use our phone cameras, which are great...but we want to start taking quality videos.  Lastly, the iPad.  We have a Kindle...and it's fine...but an iPad would be ideal.  With a $600 price tag that never seems to decrease, we will be sticking with the Kindle, but Apple products will always be my favorite.

What are you lusting over this Christmas?

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  1. I'm in the same boat as you - home items are ALWAYS on my list. We still rent, and are actually looking to move in the near future, but I could always use more home items.
    Also, I always see things at the store that remind me of you, and sooner or later, you're probably going to end up with a random gift in your office, because I love to buy gifts for people.

    My wish list is here, and of course, is mostly home stuff!

    -Kayla @ a paper arrow.

  2. How can you do no presents!? I mean, honestly we don't really either..I just use it as an excuse to pick out stuff I wouldn't normally buy myself and say its for Christmas :) So jealous of that concert-would loooove to see him! xox