Halloween Weekend 2015 - West & Rose Farm

Halloween Weekend 2015

Our weekend started off very exciting early Saturday morning when the Hubs got a beautiful buck for us to eat this winter!  It was a special one because it would have been the Hub's Daddy's birthday.  He passed away on April 9th 2014.  I have never been so sure of Heaven in my life, thanks to that man.  He has shown us that he is still with us in so many ways since he passed.  Hubs getting this beautiful buck, on his parent's property on the day of his Daddy's birthday was a very real sign for us.

Bubba and our dog, Sassy, were both super excited when he brought the deer by the house on the way to the processors.

I spent Saturday morning making another Bourbon-Vanilla Pumpkin Tart, as well as my Asian Broccoli Ramen Salad for a get together at my Mother-in-Laws to celebrate what would have been my Father-in-Laws birthday.

We had a really wonderful gathering with family and friends Halloween night.  There is still a large void where my Father-in-Law's loud laugh and gigantic smile used to be, but he brought us all together just as he continues to do.  We are doing what we can to keep his memory alive for his number one fan...Bubba.

After our Halloween get-together, Hubs and I took Bubba back to our neighborhood for trick-or-treating.  This was Bubba's first time trick-or-treating in a neighborhood and his favorite part was giving out candy.  Gotta love him!

The other funny thing about Bubba and Halloween?  With all the money we spent getting him Hulk and Iron Man costumes...he decided he wanted to be an Auburn Football player.  All I can say is WAR EAGLE!

Sunday we did absolutely nothing.  I got up first thing and hung my new fireplace banner.

We watched Jurassic World, cleaned the house and then headed back to Nana's to eat on the leftovers from the night before. Bubba was asleep by 8:15 and Hubs and I were asleep before 9:30pm!  Epic!

Happy Hump Day, Y'all!!
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  1. That is one good looking buck!! I'm sure it would end up on a wall somewhere if it were my family! I'm loving that banner! Happy Fall! And happy Wednesday!

  2. Love your banner. And I'm a big believer in signs too! Bubba is so cute. Kane didn't want to wear the costumer I shelled out $50 for. . .lesson learned for next year.haha So I can sympathize with your pain.