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Fizzy Fall Cider

One of the things I try to do, when drinking alcohol, is mix it with a calorie free mixer.  Most of the time I use La Croix sparkling water as there is no sugar (no artificial sweeteners either), sodium or calories.  In the summer I stick to white wine spritzers using Sauvignon Blanc and La Croix.  It is delicious, light and refreshing.
It can be hard to find an alcoholic beverage that screams fall while cutting back on the calories. During this season I love a good pumpkin beer or bourbon.  They are warm and toasty in flavor.  I also really love hard apple cider, but the calories are INSANE!  So I came up with a Fizzy Cider that is sure to please while keeping some calories in check.
Stella Artois Cidre
A dash of Apple Pie Spice
Pretty straw, not optional!
So there is no exact method.  You want to try and do equal parts cider and sparkling water.  You will need to taste test for the amount of spice that is good for you.  I also know this drink would be amazing with a cinnamon stick in it.
I hope y'all try this ASAP.  It is such a refreshing drink full of fall flavor!

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