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Basking in the Weekend

I am proud to admit that I stayed home all weekend.  I did not get in a car Saturday or Sunday and it was glorious.  I got some much needed cleaning, unpacking and organizing done.  It was the first weekend that I was able to just be in our new house with no place to go.  I loved being able to enjoy our Christmas decorations.  It was really wonderful. 

Bubba and the Hubs managed to get out for a while on Saturday to cut down a tree at my Mother-in-Laws that had fallen on part of her fence.  Hubs said that Bubba had a blast getting out and exploring in the country. Hubs said that Bubba would venture pretty far off while he was cutting the tree up, but always knew how far was too far. The woods are probably Bubba's most favorite spot on earth.  Who could blame him?

I think Bubba really appreciated the slow weekend.  We tend to be on the go most of the time, which is great and fun, but after the season of soccer, swimming and moving has come to an end, I could tell Bubba loved every bit of the unstructured playtime he had this weekend.  He had so much fun just doing his own thing around the house.  He colored, played with his superheroes and build things with his legos.  He would barely stop playing long enough to sit down and eat.

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I also made a few yummy recipes over the weekend.  I attempted to make baked eggplant fries because I have become interested in incorporating some Paleo recipes into our recipe routine, and they turned out awful.  The eggplant was so bitter it was inedible.  Hubs said tasting bitter is a common problem for eggplant and there are ways to prevent it, so we will try again. 

Waffles are a weekend tradition in our house and Bubba is on a pumpkin waffle kick...Hey, its Bubba's world, we just live in it!

Lastly I came up with my own recipe for Broccoli Rice Casserole and I have to say I was impressed.  Will share recipe soon.

Happy Thanksgiving Week.  I leave you with an excerpt of Bubba's understanding of the holiday...

Hubs: Bubba, next week is Thanksgiving.  Do you know what Thanksgiving is?
Bubba: Where you eat a lot of food?

Hopefully he will learn the true meaning of Thanksgiving, but really he is not wrong!

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  1. Found your blog from the link up, I LOVE your Christmas decorations. They are so beautiful and festive. Not getting in a car for the entire weekend sounds glorious! I love my time at home just relaxing and getting things done around the house. Those pumpkin waffles look delicious! Have a great Monday!

  2. i love unplanned/unstructured lazy weekends! Also love your Christmas decorations- your home looks so cozy! Can't wait to see the recipe- the broccoli/rice casserole looks delish! Stopping by from the linkup!

  3. We didn't get in the car all day Saturday either & it was amazing! So nice to just stay home sometimes! Love all your Christmas decor-it looks fabulous!

  4. Chelsea, your tree looks gorgeous! I am in love with that tree skirt.

    Glad y'all had a great weekend.