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Weekending in the Gardens

Nearly 5 years ago, Hubs and I got married in one of the most gorgeous spots in all of Georgia. Callaway Gardens.  We enjoy being able to visit all of the gardens and trails a couple of times a year with our son.  Hubs was unable to make it on our last visit, but Bubba and still managed to have a good time.  Initially, we went with my Mother and Stepfather.  They had to leave pretty quickly after brunch, but Bubba and I were able to enjoy the day together.  Just the two of us.  

First up was the Cecil B. Day Butterfly House.  Unfortunately, the day was overcast so very few butterflies were flying about.  Nonetheless, the plants were gorgeous.

Next, Bubba and I went to watch the Birds of Prey show over by the Callaway Discovery Center.  We had never been to this show in all of our visits to Callaway Gardens.  We got to see three raptors in action.  A Horned Owl, A Red Shouldered Hawk and one more Hawk indigenous of the American Southwest.  I literally got hit in the head with the talons of the owl!  The birds loved to fly super low over the heads of the audience.  When Bubba saw the red shouldered hawk he exclaimed "Mama! It's the War Eagle!"  Gotta love our Auburn family!
Next, we headed over to the Sibley Horticulture Center where we got to see some more beautiful plants as well as some awesome topiaries.  They had an SEC topiary theme this season and it was awesome!  We particularly loved the Auburn Tiger topiary!

Bubba saw the Florida Gator topiary and said "Eww Florida Gators...Yuck!"  and when he saw Bama's elephant topiary he yelled "War Eagle!" at it!  The boy is being raised right, y'all!
After walking around the Sibley Horticulture Center, Bubba and I took off on a trail that lead to the chapel where his Daddy and I got married.  I think this adventure was probably my favorite part of the day.  The trail was about a mile, maybe a little more, and we had such a nice time telling each other the things we could see and hear on our way to the chapel.  
 At one point, as we got closer to the chapel, Bubba said "Mama, I don't think you can hear it, but there is music playing."  Sure enough, as we got even closer I was able to hear the organ playing from the chapel.  It filled the woods with nostalgic hymns that I grew up on.  

Then there was the was the gingerbread house of all chapels...the chapel that my Husband and I were married in.  while we enjoyed our wedding festivities, the piece of paper did not solidify our love...it was already solid.  This was a time for us to celebrate the love that had already grown.  Including the little love that was growing in my belly at the time :-)  

I hope y'all had a great weekend!  Now only two more days until the weekend!
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