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Moments in Academic Advising

I have decided I am going to start posting "moments in academic advising" occasionally.  The conversations I have with my students are some interesting ones.  From solemn to poignant to inspiring to just plain funny, I have heard some amazing stories. 

A student of mine came to me and said they needed to pick whatever degree is going to make them a lot of money and their current psychology major was not going to provide that for them, even though they are inspired by the field.

I said "I hear ya, money is pretty awesome.  It buys us a lot of things we want and need.  I want to tell you something, though." 

"Once you can earn enough money to support your family's needs, any money after that is not going to make you any happier.  Whatever job you end up with is a job that you will be at more than you will be with your own child, in the event you chose to procreate one day.  So whatever job you end up with, better be one you love otherwise you will be miserable."

Student stares at me intensely for a moment, silently

"I'm sorry, was that a little too "Come to Jesus" of me?" I asked

Then, the light bulb turned on in that student's mind.  So hot in fact, that it probably shattered.

The student exclaimed "No not at all!  You are so right.  I really needed to hear that!"

We went on to talk about Career Services as a resource to help them hone in on what it is they want to do and how they can apply their degree to their career aspirations.

This student was probably 19 or 20 years old and I can remember very well what I was like at that age.  I probably said the exact same thing that my student did.  Our society has trained us to equate money with happiness and success.  I hope this student remembers my words and goes forth choosing something that could make her happy enough to not cry tears every single morning after dropping her child off in someone else's care on her way to work.  That right there, should be your indicator.

I can confidently say that I am now in a position that makes me extremely happy and inspired.  I get to use my life experiences to possibly change the life of young students.  Most appointments are pretty cut and dry: They just want to know what classes to take for the next semester.  But, every now and then, I am able to give them a new perspective or even change their life in some small way.

It is these moments that truly make my job amazing.

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  1. That's great that you were able to help a student and I'm sure make a huge difference in thier life! Hopefully it is a ripple effect and they share what you taught them with their freinds!