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Favorite Items from TJ's!

Can I just say that I am obsessed with TJ's!? The closest one to us is in Atlanta, so I only get to go a few times a year and each time I do I probably spend close to $200 just to stock up on our favorite items! Here are a few of the items that I am currently obsessed with .


The 2 Buck Chuck, which is actually $2.98, is great stuff to stock up on for cooking with or for when guests come over...or if you are desperate for wine and already in your PJ's for the night! I love the Cabernet Sauvignon and Sauvignon Blanc. I will be stocking up very soon to get us through the holidays.

Sriracha & Roasted Garlic BBQ Sauce

This stuff is so good.  It is good on chicken, ribs, pork chops...you name it.  Sriracha lovers will go nuts over this stuff!  It is the perfect combination of sweet and spicy.  Hubs will baste pork chops or chicken breasts with the bbq sauce while they are on the grill.

Toffee Chips

Hubs and I got these on a whim.  We both really love toffee, but hubs prefers milk chocolate and I prefer dark chocolate.  The box of Toffee Chips has milk and dark chocolate covered toffee...Making it the most perfect box of candy to share.  Just be careful, it is entirely too easy to eat the entire box!

Frozen Goods

TJ's has some very good frozen foods that have very little preservatives. Some of my favorite frozen items from TJ's are:

Orange Chicken

This is better than take out!  We keep these on hand for desperate nights.  We serve it over rice and usually have a vegetable to go with it.
Sweet Potato Gnocchi

This is a great side dish.  It is pretty dense, so you don't serve heaping servings of it, but it is so delicately delicious with the butter and sage sauce.  It is a quick side that goes well with red meat as well as chicken and pork.

Pork Gyoza

These are good for anything.  A side, snack or main dish along with some veggies.  We love to dip these soy sauce.

Tea Tree Tingle Shampoo and Conditioner

Hubs and I love this stuff! It is great for all kinds of hair and is super refreshing. At $3.99 a bottle, it is also super economical!

These are just a few of their products that I love.  If you have not discovered Trader Joe's, google your nearest one and go.  They have some amazing products at really great prices.  This post was not sponsored, nor did I receive compensation.  I just wanted to share with readers the products that I love from TJ's.

Happy Hump Day!
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  1. The orange chicken is our favorite too!!! With their fried rice...yummm! Love Trader Joe's :)