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Wild & Free in Dixie

Lately I have been taking note of the beauty in our lives...at the very least, I am making a conscious effort to do so.  Specifically, I have been noticing how special my son's childhood is.  His surroundings, and the people in it, have cultivated a nurturing place for our son to grow up wild and free.  His cheeky smiles, uncontrollable giggles and warm snuggles and "I love you's" tell me he is genuinely happy.

His surroundings, here in the deep South, are covered with sweet kudzu and red clay.  His proclivity for bodies of water and being naked are traits of a true southern boy who appreciates the simple relief from the sweaty heat that is Dixie. Tractors, trucks and Auburn football are a way of life to him.  Picking blackberries (and eating them on the spot), gathering eggs from his Nana's chickens and searching for lizards are favorite pastimes of his. He appreciates the smell of fresh cut herbs and understands the value of hunting game for food (as much as an almost four year old can).  I don't know of anything he loves more than running in the woods with his dog and looking for "wascally wabbits".  He is wild and free.

He is in the midst of an idyllic childhood...I hope.  The kudzu and red clay of Dixie is where he can always be wild and free.  I am so, utterly, thankful for this.

Happy Friday, folks!  I hope you have a great one!

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